Chinese Herbal Medicine – Improving Your Health

Chinese herbal medicine can be used to safely and effectively treat a large number of medical conditions. In recent years, herbal medicine has become more common as improvements in analysis and quality control along with advances in clinical research show its value in the treatment and prevention of disease. There are several hundred different types of herbs mostly from plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, flowers and bark. All of them have multiple functions and, unlike with Western herbs, very rarely are they used individually to treat a condition. In Chinese herbal medicine, individual herbs are combined to create formulas that work synergistically to improve health, strengthen the body and expedite the healing process.

Taking Chinese Herbal Medicine

Formulas can be prescribed as raw herbs that are boiled into a tea, liquid extracts, capsules, tablets or powders. At Acupuncture Mama by Essential Points, we mostly prescribe formulas in tablet or capsule form. On occasion we may require that you take a formula using raw herbs or granules that can be made into a tea. We use only safe, reputable, well known companies that follow good manufacturing procedures.

The Safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are very safe when prescribed by a properly trained practitioner and when used correctly often have fewer side effects, or none at all when compared to conventional medication. Over the centuries, herbologists have compiled detailed information about them and placed great emphasis on the protection of the patient. Allergic type reactions are rare, and will cause no lasting damage if treatment is stopped as soon as symptoms appear.

In recent years, herbs have become popular to self-treat many conditions. They are available in health food stores, supermarkets and on the Internet. While herbs offer safe, inexpensive, natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, many health care professionals have concerns about the potential misuse of herbal products, especially when self-prescribed or recommended by a grocery clerk.

The California Acupuncture Board strongly recommends consulting a Licensed Acupuncturist before beginning any herbal therapy. It is also important to inform both your physician and your Acupuncturist about all of the drugs, herbs, and other supplements you are currently taking so they can monitor and prevent any adverse reactions.

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In the past, I have gone to a chiropractor a few times when my back was out of place, but had never tried acupuncture and was not sure what it was all about. Then Annette opened Acupuncture Mama by Essential Points , which is located just up the street from my house. She was having a special open house event last spring and I thought I would stop in and give it a try! She did an “overall health” treatment for starters and I just loved it! I have been a regular client ever since. She takes an all-over well being and optimum health approach that is just perfect for me. I highly recommend paying her a visit! You’ll take a deep breath and relax the second you open the door.
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